Community Outreach/Giving Gators  

Antioch Elementary is proud to serve our community in a variety of ways.  It is always important to teach our children the joy of helping others without the expectation of receiving something in return.  Here are just a few of the activities and events that the Giving Gators Committee has sponsored.


Bright Blessings 

Antioch is proud to have partnered with local charity Bright Blessings for a community service event at their Giving Village in Matthews.  This event is an opportunity for students to participate in hands-on activities that directly benefit children in our community.  For more information about Bright Blessings please visit their website at


BB Older Kids BB Younger Kids



Food For Families

Founded by Antioch's very own Mrs. Rogers, Food For Families is a non-profit organization that supplies food bags for students in Union County on the weekends. There is no cost to the recipient, and each child that goes to a Union County School can receive a bag. The food is usually given out on Fridays at school and goes in the child’s book bag.  Each year Antioch holds a food drive and Community Service Day in support of FFF.


If you would like to help pack food bags on Tuesday nights in FFF’s warehouse please visit the Food for Families website for information.  They always need helping hands!    


If you would like for your child to RECEIVE a food bag each week please click here.  This information is confidential. You can talk with your child’s guidance counselor if you have any questions or if you need a food bag anytime during the year. Food for Families’ goal is to have NO HUNGRY CHILDREN IN UNION COUNTY!   


Visit the Food for Families website for more information. Thank you for helping us feed local children!!!! 



Gators Giving Grits (or Oatmeal)

Antioch Families can continue to help Food for Families feed UCPS students on the weekend. Your child can place boxed (10 pack only) grits or oatmeal in the Food for Families container at the front of the school throughout the year. This will go directly to Union County students.


If you would like to help pack food bags on Tuesday nights in FFF’s warehouse please contact Renee Rogers at   Go to for more information. 

Pink Out

During October Antioch holds a "Pink Out" event in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Students are encouraged to wear pink on the day of the event and can pay to have their hair sprayed pink.  All money raised is donated to a local breast cancer support charity.  The 2019 Pink Out raised $1,075 for Carolina Breast Friends!


2017 Pink Out


 Toys for Tots

During December Antioch holds a "Wrap Up the Principal" event.  Students can pay to attach the principal to the wall with colorful strips of duct tape.  All money raised is donated to the local chapter of Toys for Tots.