Birthday Rocks

Reserve a Birthday Rock

Please adhere to the guidelines below for Antioch Birthday Rocks:

  • Signups are on a first come first serve basis. While we wish everyone would be able to get their child's actual birthday, that may not always be an option. Please do not contact the PTO if you were not able to get your preferred date.
  • It costs $5 to reserve the birthday rock for two days. Payment must be paid upon checkout. No refunds will be given if you decide not to paint your rock. Funds raised will go towards a school grounds improvement project for that school year.
  • There are two grade specific rocks: K-2 and 3-5. Please select the appropriate rock for your child's grade.
    • K-2 Rock is closest to school building
    • 3-5 Rock is first rock upon entering Antioch Elementary School

K-2 Rock

3-5 Rock

  • The rocks are reserved for two days. You also have an option of "Side A" or "Side B" of the rock. "Side A" faces toward Antioch Church Road and "Side B" faces toward the school. You may begin painting the rock at 2:30 pm on the day OF your reservation. You may not paint earlier than 2:30 on that day. We suggest the following:
    • If your child's birthday is Monday or Tuesday, paint on Sunday.
    • If your child's birthday is Wednesday or Thursday, paint on Tuesday.
    • If your child's birthday is Friday, paint on Thursday.
    • If your child's birthday is Saturday or Sunday, you can decide to paint on Thursday (for school Friday) or Sunday (for school Monday).
  • If the rock is painted over by someone, it is NOT the PTO or school's responsibility.
  • Antioch Elementary PTO reserves the right to remove any content, message or language from the Birthday Rock that is deemed inappropriate or not of a positive nature.
  • The family painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group who may be injured, or who may incur clothing or other personal property damage.
  • If you have any questions, please email Please DO NOT contact the school.


Suggested materials for painting:

  • Latex paint (interior or exterior) – one quart is usually enough for the background color.
  • Spray paint also works.
  • A roller works best for covering the background.
  • Small brushes or sponges work well for lettering.


Click on the month below to reserve the birthday rock for your chosen date.




 Sales reservation forms will go live Monday, August 21 at 1:00pm EST.